Where Time Never Stands Still

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Keeping the tradition alive

At Downum's Antique Clocks, I offer a range of repair and restoration services on many different types of vintage and antique clocks including:

    American (e.g., Ansonia, Seth Thomas, etc.)

      European (e.g., German, French, British, etc.)

        Tall case clocks (grand mother/father, etc)

        Pendulum clocks, balance wheel clocks, etc.

        Clocks powered by mainsprings, weights or electricity

        I specialize in the restoration of clock movements (disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, pivot polishing, rebushing where needed, reassembly, lubrication, testing and timing) as well as fabrication of specialty clock parts that may be missing or broken.

        Though a university professor and researcher for more than 30 years, I have turned my full attention and passion to the preservation of old clocks.  For most of the last decade, I have collected antique clocks, studied, trained, and researched traditional ways of clock repair.

        I belong to the National Association of Clock and Watch Collectors (NAWCC #169429) and NAWCC Lone Star Chapter 124 located in Dallas/Fort Worth. I have served as the Education Director (2011-2013), Vice President (2014-2015), and President (2016) and served on the Board of Directors between 2011-2017.

        If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please contact me by phone 817-739-1543, by email at downumk@gmail.com or by sending me a message using the "Send Message" app on the contact page.